Daily Departures

With daily departures, our Group is the ideal partner for the clients that need quick solutions to their daily challenges. Our structure and variety of trailer types allow for a wide range of solutions for road transport of full or partial loads (groupage). We understand the urgency of our clientes and therefore developed a reliable road transport service with two drivers. Our vehicles are equipped with a GPS System which allows for real-time monitoring, control and security of our client´s goods.

Daily Departures from Portugal to Eupore

Ship & Air Supply

Our team has gained experience, over the years, in the ship and air transport supply and the demands of these sectors. Our service and fleet allow for the supply of different type of cargos such as machinery parts, paints, fresh and frozen goods. We are prepared to comply with the necessary documentation, regulations, airport and port requirements and to meet on-time deliveries. We take special attention to the safety and security of our client´s goods, in these type of transports having our trailers equipped with locks, anti-theft tarpaulin (in the case of tautliners), GPS, and give the necessary training to our Drivers.

We are a national and international reference in the market

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Temperature Controlled Transport

Our group is experienced in full truck load or groupage transport of food products and other perishable goods, with the need for controlled or refrigerated temperature. Amongst the cargo transported are flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits, fresh and frozen food, and healthcare products. Due to the specific nature of these products our Group guarantees an integrated service of transport and logistics capable of assuring the freshness and quality of the products.

Our fleet comprises vehicles with bi-temperature control, which allow our Group to perform groupage services of cargos at different temperatures. Our vehicles are equipped with platforms, double decks, cooling systems, truck and trailer GPS Systems and door opening sensors which assure an efficient temperature control.

For healthcare products, our Group has trailers certified with the Pharma Requirements that allow for the proper safety and security of these products.

The cooling systems are subject to rigorous maintenance controls and monitorized by a 24 hours call center to assure that any possible engine malfunction is quickly resolved.


Having warehouses for crossdocking, strategically located in the north and center of Portugal and in Holland, our Group is capable of consolidating merchandise and providing to their clients groupage of general cargo. Our Group is able to cover the entire territory of Holland, and surrounding borders, offering daily pickups and deliveries.

With an experienced team of Planners, daily departures and transports performed with two drivers our Group can give a quick response to our client´s needs.

Transport of Dangerous Goods

The transport and logistics of dangerous goods (ADR) requires specialized treatment. Our Group ensures that these goods are handled safely and with special care. We have many years of experience with leading companies in this business area. Our fleet is provided with ADR Equipment, our warehouse staff is trained to handle dangerous goods and our drivers have ADR training.

Transports to Benelux and Ruhr Areas

Full Truck Load

Our group performs full truck loads of dry or controlled temperature goods with 2 drivers. The tautliners have an inside height of 3 meters and therefore are prepared for the transport, if needed, of mega volume goods.All vehicles are equipped with a GPS System which allows for real-time monitoring, control and security of our client´s goods.


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