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Satisfaction Questionnaire

The Quality of the Services we provide has always been a priority for Transwhite/Logiqueen, thus we value the opinions of our customers and partners so that we can identify potential opportunities to improve our services.

We invite you to fill in the form as completely as possible so that we can evaluate your opinion!




What are the most used services?

Service Provided

Compliance with deadlines and request execution

Deliveries made in accordance with requests

Provision of correct and complete information

Driver's presentation, responsibility and attitude

Conditions of transport and packaging of the product

Temperature conditions (product preservation)

Goods safety conditions

Documentation accuracy

What do you like most about our services


Range of services available

Team's level of knowledge and competence

Response Time to requests

Flexibility for special requests

Tracking and traceability

Problem solving ability


Customer Service


Ease of Contact


Response time


How do you, generally, evaluate the service provided by Transwhite / Logiqueen?

How do you rate Transwhite / Logiqueen with the competition?

What do we really need to improve? Leave your comment or suggestion!

Terms of service

I agree with the terms of service. My answers will be treated accordingly.


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